ହୋଟେଲ୍‌ ସ୍ୱସ୍ତି ପ୍ରିମିୟମ ସମ୍ମିଳନୀ କକ୍ଷରେ ଆୟୋଜିତ ‘ସମ୍ବାଦ ଜୁଏଲାରି ଫୋରମ-୨୦୧୮’

ସମ୍ବନ୍ଧିତ ଖବର

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  1. hokiteem says

    In Some countries Merijona,Heroin,Opium based lollypop and other chewables are selling as a remedy for proper functioning of nerve system of human beings.In Beijing and Java some of the Meditation practiners are curing several health problems with their powers that are been derived from the Meditation.A person in Java has cured many people’s health problems by acupuncture technique with his hands.
    A center for excellence in Natural Treatment through Meditation is required to be organized with Java and Beijing medication practicing people for inducting of the Meditation techniques in Medicine studies.

  2. hokiteem says

    Many people tell that Powder form of Narcotics are going to Madgaom in Goa from Balangir and near by villages and through young people the Narcotics are Transporting by Train.Those people are catching the Amaravati Express(Goa) at Vizayanagaram railway station which is near to Visakhapatnam) and with the help of some catering staff in Railway Pantry those people are reaching Madgaon,Goa and after receiving the money returning back to Balangir is a Public Talk at various places in India.

  3. hokiteem says

    In the world all developedountries are not importing Gold but they are mining from their country for domestic and exports.
    In the world Indonesia,Malaysia,South Africa are the leading Gold Mining countries and Gold is smuggling from these countries like currency notes smuggling.
    Gold is less liquid than Currency trading.
    To trap the Indian Customers people of Indonesia,Malaysia,South Africa Gold smugglers cum license traders are taking the assistance of Film Actresses,Film Actors etc.
    On Gold wealth tax is 1% compared to other forms of business.
    Wine and Liquor are most profitable business and every green business.
    Petrol and Diesel,Gas and Oil are another best businesses.
    With the help of Hundi money many people are buying Gold for doing business.
    The people in villages in India are always incurred losses by buying Gold.Because when we buy Gold the sellers take Market Price and when the Consumer sells the Gold Shop keepers buy at 50%of the Market Price from the Villagers.
    Gold is a Liquid Asset for the business enterprise because the Banker will give loan on Gold up to 90%of the Present Market Price of the Gold for Pledge.
    In Mumbai many Hukka Bars are running by Muslims and Afghanistan people for doing the Heroin,Opium etc drug addiction businesses.Sanjay Dutt is an example of Drug Addiction and simultaneous offenses in Mumbay.
    In Denmark several Drug business mafia are selling Opium,Heroin coated Lolly pop in general stores.

  4. hokiteem says

    To improve the Temples goodwill in our State Tirupati Temple Architecture and Hundi System should be adopted.
    There is a Video on Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam by National geographic channel describing the people’s traditional cultures and Temple Management using systemic que for Darshan of God.
    Inside the Temple there is a big Hundi which is a Treasure of unlimited Money and Wealth.A famous Politician cum Industrialist(Congress Party ) Mr.Subbi Rami Reddy is the Chairman of the Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam Trust and running Gold jewelry Stores business in Mumbai and Sharukhan,Rekha etc were given Gold jewelry freely by Subbirami Reddy in the name of Awards.The entire news has come in TV CHANNELS.
    At Puttaparthi in Prasanta Nilayam a Andhra Pradesh Koya Dora Caste man(Ramalinga Raju of Satyam computers belongs to Forest Kings caste or Koya Dora)Puttaparthi Saibaba was running a big Private Bank inside his den and used to mesmerizing the people with Magics and before his death Tons of money and Gold were been transported through Trucks to Bangalore is Another TV Channels reports.
    Hundi is linked with Software Companies in IT Major cities in India.