ଫେରୁଛନ୍ତି ଓଲିଉଡର ଚକଲେଟି ହିରୋ


ଭୁବନେଶ୍ୱର: ଓଲିଉଡର ଚକଲେଟି ହିରୋ ଅଭିଷେକ ଏକ ନୂଆ ଫିଲ୍ମ ଜରିଆରେ ଓଲିଉଡକୁ କମ୍‌ବ୍ୟାକ୍‌ କରୁଛନ୍ତି। ଅଭିଷେକଙ୍କ ଅଭିନୀତ ପ୍ରଥମ ଓଡ଼ିଆ ସିନେମା ହେଲା ‘ଏସିପିି ସାଗରିକା’। ଏହି ଫିଲ୍ମରେ ଅଭିଷେକଙ୍କ ବିପକ୍ଷରେ ନଜର ଆସିଥିଲେ ପ୍ରକୃତି ମିଶ୍ର। ତା’ପରେ ଅଭିଷେକଙ୍କୁ ‘କେହି ନୁହେଁ କାହାର’ରେ ଏଲିନା ସାମନ୍ତରାୟଙ୍କ ନାୟକ ଭାବେ ଦେଖିବାକୁ ମିଳିଥିଲା।ଏହାପରେ ଅଭିଷେକ ଓଲିଉଡର ଚୁଲୁୁବୁଲି ନାୟିକା ରୀୟା ଦେଙ୍କ ସହିତ ଦୁଇଟି ସିନେମାରେ କାମ କରିଛନ୍ତି। ଏ ଦୁଇଟି ସିନେମା ହେଲା ‘ଚୁପ୍‌ ଚୁପ୍‌ ଚୋରି ଚୋରି’ଏବଂ ‘କଥା ଦେଲି ମଥା ଛୁଇଁ’।
ଅଭିଷେକଙ୍କ ଏହି ନୂଆ ସିନେମା ହେଲା ‘କଟି ପତଙ୍ଗ’ ଯାହା ରିଲିଜ୍‌ ଅପେକ୍ଷାରେ ରହିଛି।ଏହି ସିନେମାର ପ୍ରଯୋଜନା କରିଛନ୍ତି ଦେବେନ୍ଦ୍ରନାଥ ସାହୁ। ଠିକ୍‌ ସେହିପରି ଏହି ଓଡ଼ିଆ ସିନେମାର ନିର୍ଦ୍ଦେଶନା ଦେଉଛନ୍ତି କୁମାର ସରୋଜ । ନିର୍ଦ୍ଦେଶକ ଭାବେ କୁମାର ସରୋଜ ଆଗରୁ ‘ରକଷ୍ଟାର୍‌’ ଭଳି ସିନେମାର ନିର୍ମାଣ କରିଛନ୍ତି। ‘କଟିପତଙ୍ଗ’ର ସଂଳାପକାର ହେଲେ ଅଜୟ ସାମଲ। ମଧୁସ୍ମିତା ଦାସ ଏହାର କାହାଣୀକାର।

‘କଟିପତଙ୍ଗ’ରେ ଅଭିଷେକଙ୍କୁ ପୁଣିଥରେ ରୋମାଣ୍ଟିକ୍‌ ଲିଡରେ ଦେଖିବାକୁ ପାଇବେ।ଏହି ସିନେମାରେ ଅଭିଷେକଙ୍କ ବିପକ୍ଷରେ ନାୟିକା ଭୂମିକାରେ ନଜର ଆସିବେ ଅନନ୍ୟା। ଏହା ହେଉଛି ଅଭିଷେକ-ଅନନ୍ୟା ଯୋଡିଙ୍କର ପ୍ରଥମ ସିନେମା।

ସମ୍ବନ୍ଧିତ ଖବର

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  1. All India News Network says

    There are few Points on Transparency of Communication with People should be improved by State Government :

    1) When any Professional in Odisha are unable to get Employment they are approaching to IDCO for obtaining Developed Lands/Plots,Build-up sheds to new Entrepreneurs on Lease Basis.But the Designated MD/CMD of IDCO is not communicating to such candidates E-mails.
    2) Central Government Policies covers every individual who want to Start Companies and hence the Respective Industries Ministry,Small and Medium Scale Industries Ministry are not contacting the Candidates who are approaching for getting Assistance for setting up of SMSE Companies in their respective Zones.People know that GST,Electricity,Water,Waiver of Loans,Industrial Subsidies etc. Are giving to People’s welfare by the Government.
    3) People who are from Food Park Zones,Textiles and Apprals Zones which are been created by Central Government for the upliftment of Entrepreneurs of the respective States are arequired to be Encouraged by our State Government.
    4) Our Neighbouring Andhra Pradesh Telugu Desam State Government has started giving Rupees 1000/-(One Thousand) every month to every Qualified Unemployee until he will get suitable Employment(With Arrears of Unemployment period).
    5) Central Government gives Funds to Every State Government for the Welfare of the People and due to many unknown reasons good professionals are not getting Employment and timely Financial Help should be given to them so that they can start Small Scale Companies and Contribute the Growth of the Society.
    6) All Good people appreciate that Our BJD State Government is providing good welfare schemes like Rice Kilo ONE Rupee,Land Pattas,Housing Schemes etc to the people.
    7) THAT appointing those Professional Unemployees as Nominee Directors and getting Special State Status for our state will resolve many problems.
    8) Opening up of all Sick Industries by allotting the Industrial Sheds with machenies to new unemployee professionals under Industrial Resolution Oilucy and Make in India Schemes should immediately started and Advertisements should be given to public.
    9) Starting State Government Employment Job website should be implemented so that every one will get employment in our state.